Zen (they/them) is a queer nonbinary artist originally from Flint, Michigan. 

They are interested in telling dynamic stories that explore the intersection of art, race, film, and mental health. Their work focuses human connection.

Using a mixture of skills from the British Academy of Dramatic Arts in Oxford, England and Internal Family Systems Work, they bring a humanistic approach that's committed to bringing out authenticity. 

Their work has been in PAPER,, Huffington Post, Film Shortage, Broadway World, Promo News, Latinx, Booooooom TV, The Times Herald and more. 

Currently they are in pre-production of their feature film Mrs. Ruhl. A story that investigates whiteness, and when allyship turns into something insidious.

They are also a Creative Director for Bloom, a leading mental health app. And a Life Coach for children with disabilities. 

When not creating, they are playing Zelda or walking around and geeking out listening to new soundtracks.

Say Hi - zenpace@gmail.com