Zen Pace is a nonbinary 2x Emmy-nominated filmmaker, artist, and writer who creates soulful work touching on themes of identity, inner child work, and challenging the status quo.

Raised in Flint, Michigan, and unable to read until the age of 11, their main way of learning was through purely visual mediums. They embrace the multi-hyphenate path of directing, writing, and creative directing, weaving these elements to create subversive, expressive, and deeply personal work.

As a director, they've collaborated with GUCCI, Samsung, META, Microsoft, CBS, and many more. Recently, their debut short, "FRAUD," premiered at Tribeca and was shortlisted for the Directors' Fortnight at Cannes. Their documentary work has screened worldwide, including at the Palm Springs Film Festival.

They have been featured in NOWNESS, 1.4, Berlin Commercial Awards, PAPER, WWD, ESSENCE, The Drum, Boooooom TV, Free The Work, Shots, Little Black Book, Film Shortage, VOGUE, Huffington Post, and more.

Currently in the process of writing their debut book, "Nameless You," reflecting on inner child work.

When they are trying not to sound so serious they are replaying Metal Gear Solid and dreaming of playing with dogs.*

Say Hi - zenpace@gmail.com

*If you have a dog, please include that in your email.