Zen Zadih Pace is a multi-hyphenate nonbinary creator, born and raised in Flint, Michigan. That upbringing and over 4 years of sobriety has helped them to cultivate a raw voice that leans into rooting out deep truths and creating beautiful visuals.

This has led their work to be featured in some of the world's top film festivals such as The Palm Springs Film Festival; Bushwick Festival; HollyShorts; Sidewalk Film Festival; and International Rhode Island Film Festival. Their work has appeared in PAPER, Promo News TV, Huffington Post, Film Shortage, Broadway World, Latinx, Booooooom TV, and more.

Proudly, their films have helped nonprofits to raise over 3 million dollars including The National Urban League, Urban Pathways, Restoration Project, Heartshare, and more. These organizations assist many people, from young mothers dealing with addiction to creating safe spaces for adults with developmental disabilities.

Most recently Zen was labeled as Fresh Talent from Shiny Awards for their short film “A Love Beyond” which features Lenin, a nonverbal man with down syndrome who recently found a new home after losing his last remaining family due to COVID-19. They also just wrapped directing the Sundance Episodic Labs Finalist “FRAUD” by Dana Levinson. A short film about a trans rocker girl who is funding her transition the only way she knows how…petty identity theft.

They are adamant about creating safe sets. Luckily, their experience in mental health and as a life coach has helped them to cultivate rich environments that help to manifest authentic performances, both in narrative and doc.

Zen continues to prove they are an empathetic storyteller while remaining genre-less. What they care about is what best serves the story. They believe that a passion and deep focus for craft, while also speaking mindfully, creates authentic results.

When not creating, they can be found outside looking at the clouds while listening to new orchestral soundtracks.

Say Hi - zenpace@gmail.com