A Queer Love Story featuring "This Is Magic" by A Great Big World

Official Selection:

  1. Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival
  2. Oniros Film Awards 
  3. Short To The Point
  4. Los Angelos Queer Film Festival 

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A Queer Love Story is a four-minute visual narrative that's inspired by the queer youth inside us all that features Grammy Award Winning band A Great Big World.

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Directed by Zen Zadih Pace

Featuring "This is Magic" by A Great Big World

Starring Oslo Grace and Justice Jamal Jones

DP: Brandon Roots
1st AC: Alex wohlin
2nd AC: Nikolai Karamyshev
Gaffer: David Rauch
Grip: Gabriele Esposito-Wilcock
PA: Nina Bangalore

Editor: Cary Sullivan
Assistant Editor: Zen Pace, Dana Levinson, Chad King

Producer: Lizzy Coplin
Associate Producer: Alisha Bhowmilk
AD: Linus Ignatius
Production Design: Dana Levinson
Choreography: Jendaya Dash
Art Provided by Jessi Maia Pallotta