True Colors

An intimate piece on Edgardo Velez, who introduces us to the world of Artshare. A program where individuals with cognitive disabilities can find joy and purpose in the power of art-making. He reminisces on the stigma that comes to these individuals, while also celebrating the power of their work.

This film was used to help raise $670,000. This money will be used for services to help the cognitively disabled community in New York City.

directed by Zen

featuring Edgardo Velez

Directory of Photography - Peter Pascucci
Producers - Bre Kelly, Bo Maggnussen, Sergio Vaccaro, Francesco Raffo

a Brickhead production

1st AC - Arjun Bajaj
Gaffer - Roberto De Cecco
Production Design - Jaclyn Goldstein
Art Pa - Makayla Vicente
Location Sound Mixer - Ian Hunter
Truck pa/Swing - Alex Berg
Set Pa - Sebastian Fernandez

Edit - Ben Schwaeber
Sound Design - Romain Sturma
composer - Matthew Wang
color - Alexia Salingaros